About the Journal

"The Journal of Psychology & Sociology” was founded in 1993. The founder and publisher of the journal is the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. The journal has developed and approved cover and title pages with an indication of the university, imprint of the issue, ISSN, e-ISSN, editorial board, editorial policy, publication ethics and website.

The journal is published 4 times a year.

Journal articles are registered in the CrossRef database and each author's article must be assigned a DOI - a digital object identifier that is used to provide citation, reference and output to electronic documents.

The journal is indexed by the Kazakhstani Citation Base (KazBC) of JSC National Center for State Scientific and Technical Expertise (NCSTE).

The journal is also placed in the Scientific Electronic Library elibrary.ru in open access for readers and is included in the analytical database "Russian Science Citation Index" (RSCI).

The editorial board of the journal includes leading Kazakhstani and foreign scientists.

The journal follows the policy of information openness and accessibility of authors' publications, articles are posted on the journal's website in three languages in full-text access. 

Aim & Scope

The aims of the journal are to be a platform for professional discussion of a wide range of issues that reveal important problems of psychology, sociology and social work; create and maintain a common space for scientific communication in the fields of fundamental and applied psychology, sociology, social work; to present to the scientific and pedagogical community the results of research by scientific teams and individual authors in the fields of fundamental and applied science.

Journal objectives:

- to highlight new scientific results that are significant in various areas of fundamental and applied psychology, sociology, social work;

- to provide international and interregional scientific and coordinating functions incompetent, high-quality and timely coverage of the main results of scientific work of the journal authors;

- create an environment of openness and accessibility of wide coverage of the results of scientific research of undergraduates, doctoral students, practitioners on topical problems of psychology, sociology, social work;

- to form a constant steady interest among the scientific and scientific-pedagogical community, as well as among young and novice scientists in the journal, its growing demand in professional circles of psychologists, sociologists, social workers in various regions of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad. 

Thematic areas of the journal

The journal publishes scientific papers on topical problems of fundamental and applied research in the field of psychology and sociology in the following thematic areas:

  • Fundamental research of general and social psychology;
  • Child psychology and psychology of family;
  • Research in the field of applied psychology (organizational psychology, sports, military, economic psychology, etc.);
  • General questions of modern sociology;
  • Sociology of social life, social phenomena and institutions;
  • Scientific and Applied Sociology;
  • The results of recent research in the field of psychology and sociology and their analysis.


* The author(s) of the manuscript approved for publication in the journal are obliged to pay for publication following the approved price list for publication in the scientific journals of al-Farabi KazNU. According to the approved price list, payment for publication is 2000 tenge per page. In exceptional cases, if there are other sources of funding for the journal series, authors may be fully or partially exempted from payment for the publication of the article.

A receipt for publication in pdf format is sent by the author(s) to the e-mail address of the journal's editorial office.