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This article reflects the nature of the correlation of religious and secular values in Kazakhstan society. The authors show that in the process of modern global socio-economic relations, socio-cultural changes have begun in local traditional cultures, and these changes are especially manifested in attitudes to religious values. When studying these changes, the authors separately touch upon the concepts of faith, religiosity and secularism, and compare the nature and specifics of these trends with sociological theories. The work of the authors of the study with the data of the large-scale project "World Values Survey" and the secondary analysis of the data of this project increases the scientific significance of the study. The possibility of using the materials of this study for decision-making in matters of religion in the field of public administration and in the study of academic disciplines and special courses related to the topic of religion increases the practical significance of the study.

Thus, the article analyzes the idea of the role of religion, considers the importance of its study and provides a description of the analysis of the relationship between religious and secular values based on sociological theories. Within the framework of the topic under consideration, authors from a number of sociological theories take as a basis the integrative theory of sociocultural changes by Ronald Inglehart and Wayne Baker, as well as the theory of social interaction, authored by P. Sorokin. Thus, the authors describe the ideas of these theories through sociological data that reflect people's attitudes to the culture of religion as one of the indicators of cultural changes in Kazakh society. We see that religiosity or traditionalism are not the main characteristic of the values of Kazakh society, there are also indicators of the spread of post-materialistic values and aspirations among the population, which we can see only in modern civil society.

Keywords: religion, religiosity, secularism, traditionalism, socio-economic changes.

Author Biographies

М. Abdikakimov, Shakarim University, Kazakhstan, Semey

(corresponding author) – PhD, Senior Lecturer of the Department of History, Chief Specialist of the Center for Social Monitoring and Forecasting of NJSC Shakarim University, Kazakhstan, Semey, e-mail: 

М. Karibayev, Shakarim University, Kazakhstan, Semey

PhD, Lecturer of the Department of History of NJSC Shakarim University, Kazakhstan, Semey, e-mail:  




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Abdikakimov М. ., & Karibayev М. . (2024). CORRELATION OF RELIGIOUS AND SECULAR VALUES IN KAZAKHSTAN SOCIETY. The Journal of Psychology &Amp; Sociology, 88(1), 110–125.