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The article presents the results of an empirical study conducted to determine the socio-demographic features of the dimensions that make up the existential fulfillment of a person, such as self-distance, self-transcendence, freedom, and responsibility. During the study, the questionnaire of A. Laengle "Existence Scale" was translated into Kazakh and adapted to the characteristics of the Kazakh language and nationality. The alpha Cronbach score of the method was 0.932. This coefficient shows that the reliability statistic of the Kazakh version of the method is very high and indicates that it is suitable for further use as a diagnostic tool. During the study, the compliance of the obtained data with the law of normal distribution was checked, and percentage indicators were described on the subscales of the questionnaire. To achieve the purpose of the research work, a correlation and dispersion analysis was carried out using data according to the method and information about age, gender, education, marital and working status. As a result of the study, differences in the indicators of the subscales of freedom, responsibility, existence, and scale of existential fulfillment were revealed between people of different sexes, family status, and employment. The results of the study can be used by researchers in existential approach, practicing psychologists, and psychotherapists when working with Kazakh-speaking people.

Keywords: existential fulfillment, existence, self-distance, self-transcendence, freedom, responsibility.

Author Biographies

K. Akhan, Turan University, Kazakhstan, Almaty

(corresponding author) – PhD student in the specialty "Psychology" of the University "Turan", Kazakhstan, Almaty, e-mail:;

A. Kassymzhanova, Turan University, Kazakhstan, Almaty

Candidate of psychological sciences, Professor of the Department of "Psychology" of the Turan University, Kazakhstan, Almaty, e-mail:

B. Piko, University of Szeged, Hungary, Szeged

D.Sc. in Psychological Science, Professor of behavioral and health sciences of University of Szeged. Hungary, Szeged, e-mail:

M. Akhmetzhanova, Turan University, Kazakhstan, Almaty

Senior Lecturer at Psychology Department of Turan University, Kazakhstan, Almaty, e-mail:




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Akhan Қ., Kassymzhanova А., Piko Б., & Akhmetzhanova М. (2024). PSYCHOMETRIC PROPERTIES AND SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE EXISTENCE SCALE . The Journal of Psychology &Amp; Sociology, 88(1), 42–57.