Features of criminal behavior of modern youth from criminal psychology


  • Л. С. Шакимова Academy of Committee of national security of the Republic of Kazakhstan


        95 119


Recently, the number of crimes committed by modern youth has increased in our country. Events in the Kordai region confirmed this factor, where the participants of the group fight were mostly young people. It is no secret that the youngest terrorist in prison is only 17 years old. Missionaries of religious extremists and terrorist organizations are increasingly recruiting young people through the Internet and social networks. This article examines the psychological features of young people’s criminal behavior, their motivational orientation as the individual, as well as external and internal reasons that encourage young people to commit an illegal act. The author reveals the socio-psychological profile of the criminal or terrorist based on the analysis of scientific research of domestic and foreign experts in criminal psy- chology. The author also pays great attention to the disclosure of psychological types of criminals caused by the motivation of criminal behavior. The article also highlights the method of psychocorrective work of a psychologist, intended for the rehabilitation of young people with behavioral disorders (deviation). It also reveals some of the priorities of the State program on youth policy, as part of the prevention of crimes among young people.

Key words: addiction, deviation, self-affirmation, psychocorrection, training.




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