Applied research of psychological features of emotional blessing of managers

  • O. Kh. Aimaganbetova
  • A. S. Babisheva
  • Zh. T. Bimagambetova
  • E. T. Adilova
  • T. Z. Sagnayeva


This article is devoted to the study of psychological characteristics of emotional burnout of manag-ers, a symptom of which are frequent and long-term various diseases due to psychosomatics. Because of this, in modern psychology emotional burnout is considered as a special state of a person, which is a consequence of occupational stresses, an adequate analysis of which requires an existential level of de-scription, the development of burnout is not limited only with the professional sphere, but manifests it-self in various situations of human existence; painful disappointment at work as a way of acquiring mean-ing paints the whole life situation. The purpose of the study is to study the psychological characteristics of emotional burnout of middle managers. The object of research is mid-level managers. The subject of the study is the psychological features of emotional burnout of managers. Methods of research: The methodology for detecting emotional burnout is MBI (Maslach Burnout Inventory) by C. Maslach and S. Jackson, adapted by N.E. Vodopyanova, a five-factor questionnaire of the personality R. McCrae, P. Costa. During the applied research, it was concluded that there is a relationship between the manifesta-tion of emotional burnout and the personal characteristics of managers. Thus, the results and analysis of personal characteristics of managers conducted using the Big Five methodology showed that the leading factors were the «attachment-isolation» factor and the «emotional stability-instability» factor. The factors «introversion – extraversion» were placed after and «self-control – impulsiveness». It was assumed that it is possible that these factors are mutually pollinated and affect one another.
Key words: emotional burnout, psychological features, personality traits, managers, emotional sta-bility, etc.
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