Ethnic Psychological Features of Kazakhs Living Abroad

  • Sveta Kydyrbekovna Berdibayeva
  • Asiya Hayrushevna Kukubayeva
  • S. K. Berdibayev
  • G. K. Abdullina
  • Aliya Sharabekovna Alimzhanova


The migration path of the Kazakh diaspora has affected all aspects of their life: on the way of life, traditions, values, etc. Brightly this phenomenon is reflected in the language that are actively used. The essential problem of Kazakhs abroad is the study of the Kazakh language, the preservation of national culture, traditions and the implementation of mother-tongue education, which allowed us to talk about the relevance of the study of ethnic psychological features of Kazakhs living abroad, as the basis for the preservation of national culture. The return of repatriates to their historical homeland is an essential part of the national policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. One of the problems of national policy is to solve the demographic problem since the current demographic situation in Kazakhstan (for example, population is decreasing, the birth rate is low each year, leave the country representatives of other ethnic groups).In connection with the above, we have considered the problem of the study of ethnic and universal values of representatives of the Kazakh Diaspora abroad as one of the central problems of preservation and development of the Kazakh national culture, traditions, customs and continuity of generations.In the study of value orientations there are a significant number of contradictions: scientific potential, social and ethnic psychology, determines the direction of socially significant character of value orientations and the degree of its demand for the current psychological practice; between the declared value orientations system and the level of phenomenological operational and socio-psychological characteristics, conditions of development; between the need for a combination of traditional ethnic values and the availability of opportunities for their development in the socio-cultural environment; development of value orientations of the person by effective models, algorithms and technologies in a particular ethno cultural space and the degree of their development; between social and psychological supports of value system development.These conflicts cause many difficulties and shortcomings in the study of value orientations of the person in the ethno-cultural space. In particular, the Kazakh Diaspora and require scientific and practical resolution. In this article authors considered to study ethnic psychological nature of the value orientations of the Kazakh diaspora living abroad.
Key words: national culture, traditions, customs, the ethno-cultural space, кazakh diaspora.
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