Reading – is the key to spiritual growth of individual

A. K. Baishukurova, A. U. Parmanov


A significant role is given to world classical literature in a variety of plots which reveals to the reader the true essence of human values and principles. Especially great influence on the formation of personality in adolescence has literature, because it is the best adviser for children, as it can help them find answers to life’s important questions. But today’s children and teens were such hobbies as Internet, video and computer games, and reading is no longer interested them. And it becomes a serious problem for the formation of a harmoniously developed personality. After all, for increasing demands for continuous self-education it is important to develop a culture of reading, information literacy as this skills needed to find and critically evaluate the mass of information. Analysis of the problems of reader interest and reader’s perception is one of the main problems of the psychology of reading, and despite the multilateral interest of experts, it remains urgent and requires further investigation. In order to make fiction to fulfill its educational role, it must be properly perceived by reader. The perception of literature as the development of artistic values is impossible without the ability to look and see, listen and hear. This is an important psychological task: to understand how works of art are perceived by people of different age, what is the specificity of this perception. Doubtless interest to researchers is studying the problem of perception of literary works and literary influence on the motivation of the people reading it.


Reading; Perception; Culture; Values; Spirituality; Motivation.

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